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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve added a comments page where you can post your comments and even attach pictures of your projects with a description of your project and how you like how it runs.  Please resize your photos to no more than 450 x 340 using any number of photo editors Like FREE IrfanView.   All comments must meet my approval and then they will be posted for everyone to view.

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32 thoughts on “TBICHIPS Comments and Customer Projects”

  1. Brian’s advice and chip was exactly what my 1991 P30, 454, 4L80E motorhome needed! The thing is a beast with his recommendations. Super fast and timely service. WAY cheaper than the power pack route too.

  2. This is the best website for tbi information hands down I appreciate the time you have devoted to help others. My question would be are tbi spacers worth the time to install them I bought a motor that had a poweraid 200-540 on it debating on putting it on my k5 as far as i know it has a stock 350 tbi sm465 and 208 6″ lift with 35’s its not a daily just something to play hard on the weekends and drive it occasionally thru the week after i fix what broke on it

  3. I have used this site many times to keep my TBI 350 running right. It has some of the best no bull info on TBI performance out there.

    1. I have been trying to contact Harris Performance for months .Threw all email accts listed and phone calls . I did place an order and recieved it in a few days with a business card . I need help ordering a custom prom for build that that I have done . I tried the email on his card http://www.harrishighperformance.com If anyone has any ideas how to contact them please place a reply or link <<

      My email is tbichips@hotmail.com the harrishighperformance.com is a website and not an email. I have received an email from this customer but for some reason I can not send back an email to that fabtech@q.com address.

  4. Wow, nice site Brian. I am starting a C10 4×4 project this Spring and I was wrestling with keeping the TBI vs an LS swap. The LS is a good choice but adds cubic dollars to the project. When I get the block torn down I will reach out for parts and service, thanks.

    BRIAN:Whether to go LS or TBI all depends on your ultimate power goal. For LS to be fully integrated with AC and cruise and everything is very complicated and long expensive process. Its not cheap regardless of how you skimp but if your wanting good low rpm torque for a 4×4 then LS isn’t it. They make great high rpm horsepower but they are not low grunt engines. I can beat any LS from idle to 3000 rpms with a good SBC build and even stay TBI. Unless your going to run a supercharger or turbo, I would never put a LS in a 4×4 and even then I would probably just go with a nice 496ci stroked big block and stay naturally aspirated for less issues.

  5. I appreciate all of your info here. Hands down the most informative website on 350 tbi motor. I am finally inching closer to upgrading my 89 K5. I am installing the EP381 fuel pump and ordering the bored and refurbed TBI. Then chip and spring once i find a good vortec. Looking to replicate black magic or blue whale.

    Not installing cats, but do I have to use y pipe or can I run true duals? yes you can run duals and questions need to be asked through email to tbichips@hotmail.com and not in the comments section.

  6. Brian i have used some of your suggestions for my 1990 Silverado 3500 454 spruce-up. I have upgraded the intake to the edelbrock , upgraded to the built 54mm TBI, uped the cam the block and heads have been reworked,the block did not have any wear so it was not bored. new dist. wires, plugs, upgraded fuel pump and 02 sensor. My question is do you think i should delete the EGR? Its going to be a daily and pull trailers. I dont have it all back together yet so i have time to do it and if i do i’ll need to go through you for the chip upgrade because no one around here has the capability. (small town) Thank you for your time. Jeff Kirby

    1. The ONLY reason to EVER keep EGR is if you have strict emissions testing. Otherwise ditch the nasty beast. All that thing does is put nasty, dirty, carbon filled exhaust back into the intake that sticks to everything inside that motor.

  7. i haven’t done any of the mods recommended on this sight but will probably follow Brian’s advice on TBI mods because they seem sensible, well thought out and learned from experience. I will pass this site on to a friend who has a 95 TBI pick up and wants to improve performance, however, I strongly recommend that you do not modify Vortec heads, unless you have a lot of experience porting cylinder heads ( are very skilled with a die grinder and carbide cutters ) and have access to a flow bench. Even when done professionally by someone that has a lot of experience with this particular head, the gains are small and not worth the time spent IMO.
    I have many years of professional engine building and head porting experience with the aid of a flow bench and engine dyno and can tell you that the Vortec head flows very good considering the small port and valve sizes ( a high velocity design that was developed on a flow bench ) and is hard to improve on the intake side ( which is where the biggest gains in performance are made in head porting ) and if you don’t know what you are doing you will more than likely hurt it instead of helping it. Do not be temped to blend the 75 degree throat cut ( bowl hog ) of the factory valve job as this will hurt low lift flow. If you plan to have a valve job done, just have the 60/45/30 degree angles cut and raise the 45 seat to position it closer to the edge of the valve via the 60 cut. The early heads did not have the intake valve back cut 30 degrees and if yours are not back cut have the machinist do that as it is worth about 10 to 12 CFM at .200 lift and is cheap to do. Do not open up or blend the bottom of the 75 degree cut ( below the 60 ).

    Do not take the advise or follow the instructions of anybody that claims to be a head porter and doesn’t own a flow bench. Take my word for it, just because it looks right or pretty, doesn’t mean it equals more flow or power and generally, armature head porters remove too much material in the wrong places which usually kills velocity and flow.

  8. Big shout out to Brian Harris, wanted to bring my 89k1500 back to life, tossed several ideas threw my head as well as engine combos. Done a lot of research when I stumbled across this site hearing Brian’s name several times. I still went against the grain somewhat with engine choice, wanted to keep truck as close to what it was fitted with as possible, but needed more power, went with a stage 5 lunati cam and a new L05 block, cam was too much and knew I needed computer remapping for fuel tables. I put trust in Brian and he delivered, just a basic stage 2 level5 has my truck running perfect, I can’t ask for better, he hit the nail on the head! This man has to have a crazy love and commitment to these models of trucks to help share his knowledge for a fraction of what others charge, not to mention the free info displayed on the pages of this site! Hope to one day run into him and shake the man’s hand. Thanks, highly recommend this site and your knowledge

  9. I changed from a 350 and 4L60 in my 4×4 94 Yukon to a 454 and 4l80E along with the 8600 lb., 8 lug, 4.10 gears out of a 93 Suburban. It has been two years in the making. I knew nothing about the swap and most mechanics said it could not be done. Tried to get it smogged in California. With help from Brian, I got it to pass the 350 level emissions and the visual inspection for the 454 smog components, but they told me I couldn’t put a heavy duty emissions engine in a medium duty vehicle. Anyways, it runs great, pulls hard, gets 13 mpg and is registered in Arizona now. Thanks for the help trying to answer all of the questions.

  10. Brian has been helping me with my 350 TBI for so many years I can’t count anymore! I ask a question and boom! he e-mails back!

    My car runs great and if I ever change anything Brian gives me great advise!

    Many thanks!

    1. i am the original owner of my 1992 silverado, rebuilt engine 40 over edelbrock heads,comp cam, much more. everthing new but the block, if it wasnt for brian i dont know what i would of done.. brian gave me same info that dyno did, i have learned so much from him, now i pass it to the guys in my truck club here in cali…

  11. I just wanted to let you know that you have the most informative and put together assessments of the end to end process. trying to piece together all of the information and decide what you need to plan for each little integral piece is daunting. The way you step through and explain each section makes it easy to build a plan for your vehicle. I personally have a 1994 K1500 Regular/shorty and while it’s stock right now, I want to wake it up. Just bringing it back to solid stock I have used some of your advice. Thank you!

  12. Kudos to Brian! Without his help and this website, I would never have found the fuel pressure issue on my new 383 SBC. I assumed the new fuel pump was OK, But… the culprit was a bad pressure regulator. Now it runs great, and has a gnarly ‘cam roll’ at 5mph, the only givaway that it’s a cammed 383 stroker …8>)

  13. I read Brian’s article about waking up a sleeping TBI 350. The first step was the heated O2,high flow cat and the Y pipe mode. That netted me 2miles per gallon. Now let me remind you, this is a 1995 20 foot class C on a G30 chassis. We did 15,000 white knuckle miles last year. I dreaded every upgrade, I would usually draft off an 18 wheeler to get up the hills. Nothing over 65 mph unless it was a downhill run and we could run 75mph. I spoke with Brian and he suggested a set of Summit trick flow, 162108, Edelbrock cam 3702, and a Edelbrock 3704 intake. Brian also supplied the Custom chip and an 18 pound regulator spring and the high pressure fuel pump. Brian latter e-mailed me again and suggested 10° BTDC.
    This is probably the best money I have ever spent. This RV is a dream to drive now. At 3/4 throttle we can cruise easily at 80 mph. The heat off the engine IS NOT an issue anymore. The floor and “dog house” would get so hot you couldn’t touch them before. Now it stays nice and cool, that alone was worth it. I also ported the stock exhaust manifolds, as I wanted to keep it quiet. Brian nailed it on this build and tune. I can’t say enough to express how happy we are. We are going cross country soon, and being a retired mechanic, I don’t think we will be seeing a tow truck. We carry pretty much a spare everything from a TBI to a fuel pump. In our travels, we have seen more “new” Class A, B and C’S broken down. Not to mention the Fifth Wheels with tire issues. This is why we chose the super simple factory TBI set up. I can tell you the problem using the old method of a paper clip and flash codes, but we still bring our scanner.
    Needless to say, we are very happy with Brian’s recommendations and his assistance throughout this modification while keeping our RV within EPA guidelines.
    Sincerely, Bob and Cathy Connett

  14. Brian has been pointing me in the right direction for my build. I will be going through him for my chip when I’m done. Really knowledgeable guy and friendly.

  15. Brian, thanks for the help on the 1994 tbi 454. I used all of your recommended parts. Cam, adjustable rockers, intake, chip, exaust, belt underdrive plus rod and main bearings, timing set, oil pump, cold air intake and dual electric fans. The k3500 truck is a 410 geared single rear wheel 4×4 with a 4l80 tranny and 265/85/16 tires. The whole list of mods really woke it up. I never had it on a dyno but it pulls very hard, just like a big block should and gets 9-11 mpg. This made a gas guzzling gutless slug into a real truck.

  16. Just installed the recommended knn-ce-1503 air cleaner on my 1994 GMC 5.7 L k1500. 160k miles on the clock. I like the results. However, installation was not so simple. Mine was the dual stud tbi so I also ordered spe-4215. Ended up using the adapter that came with the kit. Both had the wrong threads. Used a 7 x 1 metric die to re-thread both ends (easy if you have a tap and die kit). Still had to distort it a bit to close the top of the new filter as the offset was a bit short. TBI mods are next.

  17. I converted my 1990 Chevy tbi 4.3V6 5speed manual truck to a 5.7 V8 (still with 5 speed) with help from Brian and this site, and use one of Brian’s stage 1 chips in it. Engine is stock but it has a good stainless exhaust, electric fans and a 3-wire oxygen sensor, all as per Brian’s suggestions. I added a 2nd cold-air intake to the air filter housing too. It runs absolutely great, and Brian looked at my WinALDL data to make sure. The datalogging is fairly easy if you just follow his simple instructions. I’m over in England so fuel and parts are expensive, and efficiency and reliability really matter to me. Brian has been endlessly patient answering my questions about Tbi engines, the engine swap, and datalogging. He could have easily ignored me once I’d bought the chip as I’m so far away. Most of the answers can be found on this site if I’d been intelligent enough to look! Thanks Brian, great service. I’ll be back for another chip when I can afford some Vortec heads and a roller cam! Best wishes for your business.

  18. Brian,
    I want to say thank you for all the good write-ups you have put on this site. I wrote to share this story of an evasive stumble being resolved. My K1500 Suburban has 161,000 miles on it, and I’ve been fighting for at least 60,000 miles an odd stumble that coincided with a decrease of ~3 MPG. It’s got clean grounds, all the ignition parts you recommend, the AC Delco O2 sensor, and a Flowmaster Series 70 muffler (haven’t yet purchased the Y-pipe or high-flow cat; what’s currently installed is cheap Dynamax). I also have a fuel pressure gauge, but it’s at the inlet to the throttle body. Always had 14 PSIG when the engine was spun up to 3k under no load, for whatever that’s worth.

    Six thousand miles ago, I changed the fuel filter (about every 15-20K miles) and it was plugged BAD. Obviously, ‘Burb ran good again until it started acting EXACTLY like the filter was plugged again. In the meantime, it received a new Cloyes timing set and AC Delco water pump. Not having a spare vehicle that’s nice to drive, I ordered a new tank, sending unit, and the Vortec-era pump you recommend, and installed it all Christmas Eve, with some extra clean-up around the pump ground location. Turns out, there wasn’t trash in the tank, and the filter was clean as could be. My mechanic-by-trade father did an autopsy on the old pump, and discovered a broken brush spring, the wire to the brush appeared to have burned through, and one brush was twice as long as the other! That stumble and miss I’ve fought for so long is now a thing of the past (250 miles since change). Since you likely change all the fuel pumps on every vehicle, this may not be a story of value, but wanted to share it for anyone like me who reads the comments and has this odd stumble. Despite what people often tell us, fuel pumps don’t always fail 100%.

    Again, thanks for sharing your knowledge. It’s put the ‘fun’ back into driving my ‘Burb; once the Y-pipe and cat are installed it may be time for a chip and 18 PSIG spring!

  19. I have a 1994 Chevy C2500 350 w/4L80E trans. I rebuilt the engine a month ago. Everything I needed to know about what I could, and shouldn’t do was on this site. As well as emailing my questions to Brian that he promptly answered in an honest and straight forward manner that I appreciate. I have used every section of his website and am now going to venture into datalogging. The chip he made for me is fantastic and a very fair price compared to the junk that’s available. I could have had a catastrophic failure on my rebuild without the knowledge he provides. TBI has it’s limitations but, it’s pretty cool to turn an old plumbing truck into something all the tricked out, turbo Subaru kids in the neighborhood want to race!

    1. Kris, when you start your datalogging just do what Brian says in the datalogging tab here, especially if you have Windows 8 like I do. Initially I followed the usb/aldl cable manufacturer’s instructions and they just weren’t clear enough for me. The winALDL software is good but the instructions assume a level of knowledge I don’t have, and the ‘save file’ instructions aren’t clear. Brian has clear instructions and pictures, so even I couldn’t mess it up! And it’s cool driving around with loads of data filling up your laptop screen…..Good luck with it, it’s well worthwhile.

  20. I have nothing but good things and praise to say for Brian at TBIchips and HarrisPerformance. I have a 1991 Chevy Silverado Ext cab with a 350tbi and 700r4. I recently rebuilt the motor doing the following mods.

    -350 bored .30 over
    -“Stage 5” cam
    -062 Vortec heads
    -Vortec to carb intake
    -Carb to TBI adapter plate
    -EGR delete
    -Harris Performance custom tuned chip

    When I first rebuilt it I had issues with it backfiring through the intake and had NO POWER at all. I dropped more and more money into it and couldn’t figure out what was wrong and why it was doing it. I thought it may be a bad vacuum leak but it wasn’t even after I replaced every already new gasket and seal I could. Thought I had bad heads so I had them re-rebuilt but to no avail it was still screwed up. I changed EVERY sensor on the motor. Finally after googeling so much that my head hurt I came across TBIchips.com and got ahold of Brian. After talking some he recommended a custom chip. I paid on a Saturday morning and he had it in the mail before the post office closed and it was to me on Tuesday afternoon. Now that I changed the chip my truck has power like it has never had and doesn’t have a single issue. No more backfiring through the intake, no more bogging down. I’m finally proud of it and I love driving it.

    Thank you Brian for being patient and coming through so quickly. I’m sure you’ll have my business for years to come.

  21. WOW! You’ve added a wealth of new information to your website. I wish I had found all this when I was rebuilding my engine for my 4.3L to 5.7L engine swap in my 1990 Chevrolet K1500. As for the chip you provided me, GREAT JOB! As for the truck, I could have done some things differently, but it is still a dramatic improvement over the 4.3L. Thanks!

  22. I would like to thank everyone who made a donation through the donate button on the website. Those funds help keep the website running as well as keeping more content coming in.

    Again Thanks.

    1. Brian I have never been on a website that provides the spot on information that you do. I for one appreciate very much the common sense, down to earth way that you provide the information that you do. I am not a mechanic but I can still understand what you are saying. I will be contacting you shortly when I start another project. I am currently working on a 1993 that I converted from tbi to carb. I am have trouble getting the transmission to shift correctly. I ordered a TPS from holley but I am having trouble getting it installed correctly. Again I thank you for a very well thought out, common sense site. My next project will retain the tbi. I would love to do a 383 and will be contacting you for information before I even begin the build. Wish I had found you before I need the 93 tbi to carb swap. Be blessed my friend and have a great and Jesus filled day.

  23. I bought the Walker O2 sensor from eBay for my 1995 5.7L suburban. The part comes as a kit which includes the sensor, and the wiring harness that makes it easy to convert from a 1 to 3 wire setup. The computer now goes into closed loop very quickly. Confirmed with Snap On Solus

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