Steves Dart 383 Tahoe Project

Steve built a nice 50 state legal Dart 383 just like what I would recommend for any 4×4 customer.  Here is the custom tuning form.

Engine size  383  Injector Size/Brand?  Stock 55lb. cleaned and balanced by Witch Hunter  Desired Idle? 600
Fuel pump circle one:   Pump you supply in your kit
Throttle Body size   Bored to 47mm and milled  Intake Manifold Edelbrock 3704
Camshaft duration @.050 211 in  219 ex  Lift? 507 in  515 ex  Cam LSA ? 112  Lunati 60120 Roller cam
Aftermarket Roller Rockers?  Yes  If so, What Ratio? 1.5
Cylinder Heads?  Dart 165’s  Are They Ported?  No
Compression ratio  10:1  EGR?  Yes  Thermostat Temp  195 if I can get away with it
Exhaust System Free flow Y pipe into 3″ stock exhaust Shorty headers later  Cats? No
Transmission:4L60E  Shift Kit Installed?  No.  Torque Converter? Stock.  Rear gear ratio? 3:42.  Firm the Shifts? No Stock Tire Size   265/75R16

Nice Dart 383 Basic build, no headers quiet exhaust.  If you were to look under the hood you wouldn’t know that the thing isn’t stock.  Sounds stock but sure doesn’t run like stock.  A lot of you want a motor that has 100% drivability but more kick than the stock weenie 180hp 265lbs of torque that the plum crazy truck pulled on the dyno.   This truck pulled 235hp and 335lbs of torque at the wheels in a 4×4.  On Bryan Burns project I calculated a 27% drivetrain loss on his 4×4 automatic from his engine dyno torque numbers which most people will agree that 27% is a nice conservative drivetrain loss number so calculating that out this project made 322hp and most importantly 459lb or torque at the flywheel.  Just to show you that 383 is the way to go with these 4×4 trucks that torque number will go a long way in moving your heavy beasts.  With some headers and a little noisier exhaust its hard to say how much more this thing has in it but no arguing this setup makes an awesome daily driver.