Jareds Blueprint 383 project

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Jared has a nice 4×4 project here that visitors might find interesting.  This is a Blueprint engines 383 TBI with the world heads option.  If you have any questions for him his email is jarbird67@hotmail.com and he would love to tell you about his truck.

Jared Quote:

The truck is a 1988 GMC 1500K that was stolen from me while I was at school at WSU.  I bought the truck back from the insurance company with the truck completely stripped.  I have worked on it for the last three years ground up and made it something    worthy again.  For a first timer working with fuel injection, the tbi was relatively easy, however it can be anal at times.  If you can get past the anal aspects of the engine and work around them, it’s quite a nice setup.  This    motor fired up the first try and quickly when it was time to fire it up for the very first time.  I was impressed to say the least.


Engine Details:

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Engine is a 383 stroker from blueprint engines utilizing a 4 bolt    main bored .040 over

SCAT cast iron crankshaft     Keith Black Hypereutetic pistons

Flat tappet hydraulic lifter camshaft at 208int/218exh @ .050”     lift

WORLD products Sportsman II cast iron heads

That was what came to me in the crate, the rest of the engine Jared had to complete:

Edelbrock Performer TBI dual plane, however Jared had the intake holes bored to match throttle body which RV Morse throttle body did the boring on throttle body as well as the TBI spacer.

Injector Pod spacer

Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator running at around 18 psi

68lb injectors that were flow matched cop car injectors

Open element air filter from Summit

MSD 6A ignition box

MSD 8.5” wires

MSD blaster coil

NAPA distributer

Hedman Elite headers, ceramic coated, 1 5/8” primaries

CSR high torque mini-starter

Jared custom made his own exhaust because he wanted to run true duals  at 2.5” with no catalytic converters pumping exhaust out of  Flowmaster 40 series mufflers.

And of course a chip




Transmission and Rearend    Details:


700R4 with a street kit that can handle over 500hp from 700r4l60e.com 2,200 stall converter from bowtie overdrives. Dual transmission coolers with one in the radiator and the other    inline.  4.56 gears


Interior and Body


2.5” cowl hood

1998 gmc front end conversion kit with bar grille

4” suspension lift and 2” body lift for a total of 6”

36” x 12.5” Super Swamper TSL’s

I gutted the interior completely and painted the whole thing black    with black carpet, door panels, and roof and stuffed it back in

Bucket seats with 4pt harnesses

Included is a dyno sheet of the motor at the flywheel from blueprint.

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