Contact Form

I cant seem to keep my automated forms working so going old school now and you will need to copy this form and put into email to;  and provide me as much detail about your project as possible and the questions you have.   Due to health reasons, I nearly never take a phone call so not going to bother posting it.  EMAIL, I can answer when I feel well and before and after I program chips to not interrupt that thought process during that time frame.  I know that isnt the most convenient but it is the most honest and I will continue to do what I can to help TBI owners out as long as I can.

Unfortunately, I cant do this full time anymore as TBI has become rather obsolete technology so my time is limited and certainly doesnt pay the bills anymore.   I will still help who I can but I cant take time for free advice anymore so I am putting a few options here for customers for advice.  I tried putting a donate button on the website so that people could donate to help cover the amount of time I spend in answering email on recommendations and well very very few used that option.

If mailing me anything from payments, chips or computers.  payments and shipping address need to be made out to:

$10 for cam recommendations.  I will need to know vehicle configuration including engine, transmission, gear ratio and tire size so I can pick a cam that will give you the best performance in the rpm range needed for that vehicle configuration.

$20 for engine build recommendations including necessary links for the recommended items.  I still need to know the vehicle configuration like the camshaft but also need to know how strict the emissions testing is where you are and what my budget is that I have to work with.

$30 for phone questions. Anyone that has tried to reach me via phone knows its near impossible as I just dont have the time that I once had. if you cant email me your question and only optin is to talk to me via phone then you can purchase a phone conversation and provide me your phone number and what time zone and best time to call and I will call you.

New Decal Sticker to help with medical expenses.  For more info you can look at the long description on

UPDATE:  just giving and update.  I am feeling much better.  Not sure yet if 100% cured but I certainly feel more like myself again.  However, I have a good $15k worth of medical bills left so anything is appreciated.