WINALDL is a datalogging scantool written by Jonas Bylund that works great with the 160baud systems such as TBI and some older TPI setups.

If you are having issues with connecting WINALDL using USB cables then go to the USB page on the sub menu of WinALDL and check out your laptops settings. Also, with laptops using a serial cable that is pretty much always COM1 with USB you need to use the USB Finder page to determine what COM port number is assigned to your USB Cable before proceeding.

Download WINALDL

For installing on Windows Vista, Window 7 or Windows 8 you need to follow special installation instructions and override the location where the program is installed.

Once installed you will need to begin configuration your WinALDL program to start logging that data.

WINALDLCONFIG.jpg (61398 bytes)

After installing, run the WINALDL Software and click the configuration button and choose the ECM type and choose METRIC.  Also, set the com port that your ALDL cable is plugged into and if your using a USB cable set the baud rate to 4800.

WINALDLLOG.jpg (57251 bytes)

Then for sending me a log, I like a check mark in this sensor data box and then just    log me lots of data and especially try to capture problem areas where you have a bog or    pinging issues.  Typically 6 minutes of varied driving from cruise to different rpms    and throttle level you can get me enough data to see what is going on.  Then after    you stop your logging and BEFORE you close the program, click on the BLM tab above and    save that page and the spark counts tab.  Email the _LOG.TXT, _BLM.TXT and the    _KNOCK.TXT files that were created in the c:\ Program Files \ WINALDL \ directory.