USB Find


Do to the issues some of my customers have had using USB cables for datalogging, I am creating this page to help you figure out your issues.  Please make sure your using the latest version of WINALDL which currently is 1.09F which has greater USB support.

Windows XP instructions, Vista, 7 and 8 are a little different especially windows 8.  You can access device manager on the newer versions of windows simply by typing DEVICE MANAGER in the little search bar when you click the Windows start button.

First right click on your my computer and choose Properties.

usb1.jpg (45607 bytes)


You should then get a system properties page and we want to click on device manager.

usb2.jpg (62200 bytes)

Click on the PORTS (COM&LPT) devices to expand them out.  My cable is    currently plugged into my machine and you can see it has been detected and using COM5 which is what we will want to select in our datalogging program.  If for some reason your version of windows has set this COM number to higher number than supported by the datalogging software there is a way to force a lower number which I posted a page in yet another sub menu of this site.

usb3.jpg (45317 bytes)

If your port does not appear here when you plug the cable in then you most likely have    a cable problem and you will need to contact your cable vendor for further assistance.

You may also have contaminated USB Serial port drivers if you have had USB Serial    devices in the past on your laptop and here are clean set of driver    files that you can overwrite the files on your computer and reboot to see if that cures your problem.  NOTE: This procedure does require that you know something about computers and these drivers were pulled from a virgin XP box.