USB override

Using USB cable to do your datalogging?  Here is how to find what the COM port is and how to change it if necessary to use with your Datalogging software.


1. RIGHT click and choose properties off your my computer icon.  I used Windows Explorer to get to a My Computer icon for this example.

busb1.jpg (38222 bytes)

2. System Properties will pop up and choose the Hardware tab and then click the Device    Manager button.

busb2.jpg (61867 bytes)

3. This brings up the Device manager window and click on the Ports (Com & LPT) to expand it.  Thre you will see all your Com ports as well as the USB Serial Port. Make a note of the Computers com port numbers that are actually being used and the Com port number assigned to the USB Serial Port.  I like mine to be 5 or less.

busb3.jpg (46132 bytes)

4. If you need to change your Com port assignment for the USB Serial Port for some reason, you need to RIGHT click and properties off that USB Serial Port which will bring up its properties and you will click on Port Settings and then Click Advanced.

busb4.jpg (33991 bytes)

5. Now you can choose the Com port number for the USB Serial port to use.  As you can see on my computer the it shows all the Com ports in use above number 3.  I don’t know why they show in use but ignore that and as long as you choose one that is not currently in use as indicated in the picture on step 3 your fine.  Click OK and then restart the computer and that com port will be assigned to that USB Serial port.

busb5.jpg (34112 bytes)