Winaldl on Vista and Windows 7,8

Windows Vista introduced¬† some unique challenges for running WINALDL.¬† Windows 7 and 8 have the same issue. WINALDL will only save files into the WINALDL programs folder and VISTA won’t let any program save files to a folder other than Documents folder. So to get around this issue we have to install WINALDL into the documents folder and here is some screen shots to how to get this done.

When you click on the install from the downloaded WINALDL program the first thing the install asks you is where to put the program.

Click on the Browse button and click on your name and then documents and click OK. This will put the new path in the destination directory.

and then just continue with the install normally.  Once you do your logging and create the files as shown on then you just go to your documents folder and look for the folder WINALDL and those 3 files that I want will be in that folder.