Using Flash Burn

I am creating this page for those customers that decide to use a flash and burn programmer.  Customers with really complicated setups that we know is going to take several chip adjustments to run correctly often prefer to burn their own prom and I can just email the files to burn to the chips.  saves a LOT of time by email these files rather than waiting for chip to arrive through the mail.  I am not patient and don’t expect you to be either. Snail mail is slow and painful.  so just what is a flash and burn programmer.  Its the cheapest alternative I have found to programming your own chips.  Doesn’t work so well with the old systems that use the 2732 24pin eproms but for TPI that uses a 27C128 or 27C256 depending on year system or the 91-93 TBI 4L80E trucks that use a 27C256 eprom or the 1993-1995 4L60E and some 5spd trucks that use a 27C512 eprom chip we can piggy back off those with a GP1 adapter with some 27SF512 eeprom flashable chips.



I prefer to use the Flash n Burn software that you can download from the websiet when you order your Burn2 programmer.  Nothing too crazy about the installation of the software so I am not going to that detail.  You should be able to figure that out.


Now that it is installed, in this illustration, we are going to read a 27C256 eprom chip from a 16147060 computer from a 1991 454 4L80E truck.  Start by putting the needed H1 header adapter from into bottom of the GM memcal.  All the pins should be on the end where the big brown chip is which is why I have the blue cover off that factory memcal so you can see which end the H1 header needs to be in.  Then place the H1 into the Burn2 programmer.  All the pins should be in the bottom side of the plug which is opposite of what you would think.  With the programmer plugged into a USB port on the computer, open the Flash N burn software.  Choose 27C256 in this case.  if this were a MAF TPI 1986-1989 we would choose 27C128 or if its a 1993-1995 4L60E truck or 1994-1995 4L80E truck then we would choose 27C512.  Now we are ready to READ CHIP and its just that easy.  Before I save though, I click the Verify Chip with Buffer to make sure I got a good read of the chip.  Once we have verified that what is in the buffer matches what is on the chip then we need to save buffer to file and put the file where you can access it easily and not lose it.  If your needing to send to me then you can attach that file to the email.

Programming the chip.  Place your 27SF512 chip into the programmer like the picture.  I used a silver sharpie to mark the little tab in the end of the chip to make it easier to spot which end is which so that you don’t put the chip in backwards which will kill it.


Next set the Flash n burn software to supported chip 27SF512 and then I always blank check my chip and erase if needed until I get a clean blank check.  Then click Load file to buffer.  This will open a explorer window allowing you to find the file you want to burn to this chip.  If its in an email from me you will save it somewhere you can find with this software and once you get it loaded then you just click program chip.  Once complete you should verify chip with buffer again to be sure its a good clean burn.


I don’t have a GP1 chip adapter as I typically only use the G1’s very little difference though.  That silver tip I colored on mine goes in the far end of the GP1 adapter.


Then the original chip plugs into the side of GP1 adapter and both will go back into that computer.