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I am Brian Harris, owner of Harris Performance which does TBICHIPS.COM as well as other GM fuel injection. Since I am a 1 man shop I have this form to shoot me a short email so that I can help you out with your TBI project in any way I can. If you need to send me more detailed information on your vehicle. Use my custom tuning form on the website menu.  You can contact me either via phone 336-471-2827 Monday through Friday 9am to about 5pm  EASTERN time but I am just one person and rarely have  time for phone calls so here is a basic email form that you can send me an email with what you have questions about.
If you sending me something, I prefer sent via USPS mail to my PO BOX. But if you really need to send UPS or FedEx then this picture has both my addresses.address

However, WHATEVER you send me, please put a note in the box telling me why your sending the chip or computer or whatever the case may be because, I am not going to remember squat by the time it arrives.

I cant seem to keep my automated forms working so going old school now and you will need to copy this form and put into email to;  and provide me as much detail about your project as possible and the questions you have.   Due to health reasons, I nearly never take a phone call so not going to bother posting it.  EMAIL, I can answer when I feel well and before and after I program chips to not interrupt that thought process during that time frame.  I know that isnt the most convenient but it is the most honest and I will continue to do what I can to help TBI owners out as long as I can.

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