About Us

This website is about a one man shop with a goal to help improve these old GM fuel injection vehicles through better technology and design than GM intended for this system. I don’t do race vehicles but rather good budget friendly fuel injection modifications for the everyday driver.

Also, I am located on the EAST coast which I know is an inconvenience to the guys out on the west coast.  While my business hours are 9am to 6pm the closer to that 6pm number the more mentally drained I am from answering emails, phone calls and programming chips and so its harder to get me on the phone later in the day. Unless its an emergency, I ask that you please use email.  The number of calls I get have swamped me as my availability is down considerably so I have pulled the phone number from the website for now.  I can get email via my phone, ipad and computers to help me manage everyones questions.

I try to answer the phone as often as I can though and I try to get every email answered to the best of my ability.