TBI Projects

Listing a few key projects that I have done or been involved with over the years. With the new website, I will update some of the old projects with recommendations, I have learned over the years.

The Customers projects are ones that have either provided me dyno charts or drag race time slip information more likely the dyno information rather than track time as most TBI customers don’t race but always good to know what kind of power a give combination will make for power and torque.  All dynometers will read differently and power consumed by the drivetrain will vary but its at least SOME indication of the power the combo will make because there are way too many people selling engines out there claiming big power numbers that I don’t see how they could achieve those numbers with the parts used which is why I have so few engines on my recommended engines page.

Going with a nice PROVEN setup will help save you a lot of time and headaches trying to make it run correctly.  Not going to say you won’t have issues but I try to keep those potential issues to a minimum.  If you do have issues with your project, don’t wait until you damage your engine or parts on your engine to contact me to get help.  I hate when people contact me after putting hundreds or even 1000s of miles on their engine and something catastrophic like chunk of piston breaks from running crazy lean or washed the cylinders and messed up the rings from running way too rich.  those items need to be identified right away so that I can look over your modification information and get you checking on why things aren’t running like they should from checking fuel pressure, timing and vacuum level the motor is making at idle and even sensor data collected with a laptop to help get things on the right track QUICK before something does happen.

I am not with that vehicle at least most of the time so my diagnostics and troubleshooting are a bit limited but I will help in any way that I possibly can because I know just how hard it is to find someone competent in diagnosing fuel injection which is why I started doing this.