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Listing some decal stickers to help me with medical expenses. click on picture listing for long description.



Several Customers that I communicate with a lot know this but about 18 months ago, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease which is an auto immune disorder.  my wife probably has some better websites and she has been on this hard.   Mine is the worse Chronic Lyme as like most men, we dont go to the doctor until we just cant stand it anymore and even when i did go to the doctor they looked at pretty much every other disease except lyme until it progressed to the point where the fatigue and joint pain have really taken a toll on me.  that is why I have done any projects in over 2 years now and those are the LS projects on my website.

so why I am I listing all this here, well Lyme disease is difficult and EXPENSIVE to treat and for some reason, our wonderful insurance system does not cover ANYTHING.  so for 18 months now, I have been treating this out of pocket which has been expensive and with my fatigue and pain issues, I just cant work the hours I once did which is why so many of you have had such difficulty trying to reach me via phone.  I have my email setup where I can read and respond to email on my phone, tablet and computer so that i can answer as much email as i can but often I just dont feel up to a long phone conversation.   I started with the donate button on the website, hoping people found my info useful and kick a few $$ my way that I used to pay website hosting fees and some bills and that did fair at best.  More recently, I added on the contact me page, payments for ordering a cam recommendation, engine build or a phone conversation.  That has worked better and I put a lot of time and work into those responses.  I may not be able to build any more engine projects but I do enjoy helping others with a nice engine design that they will enjoy for years.

now for the actual Decal this listing is for.  I used to have a similar decal that I had back when I could still do this full time.  As I let things slip down to just part time, I didnt have any more stickers printed.  I decided to have another batch made that customers can add to their order to help me with my medical expenses.  This particular listing is for those adding the sticker to an order for something else.  I will place a purchase button on to order just the sticker otherwise this cart system will charge you addtional $5 shipping where on the contact form, I can just make it a $6 total with shipping.


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