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Stage 1 hot chip for stock engines, stage 2 chip for cam upgraded engines with stock heads and then custom chips for head and cam changes. First chip will be the stage 1 hot chip for stock heads and cam.  Any bolt ons like headers, intake and air filter setups are fine with this level chip.  Once you order your chip, you need to click the contact form menu item at the top and fill out the form with all your vehicle information as to what year  IF it is (1992-95 I need the 4 letter code off your original chip)  All 2500 and 3500 series trucks I need the 4 letter code. Next what engine and transmission it has and any modfications you have.

This Stage 1 chip typically gains 18-20hp you can see its dyno graph under the plum crazy project under my projects.


  1. Joe Cruz (verified owner)

    This is an AMAZING improvement on my 1991 454 TBI P30 motorhome. With the chip, TBI spacer, K&N, and the 1996 fuel pump it’s running much stronger – better acceleration, less downshifting, higher speeds up hill, etc. Harris knows his stuff and I recommend without hesitation.

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