Welcome to TBI CHIPS throttle body injection services.

So Just what is TBI, stands for Throttle Body Injection used by GM in the early 80’s through 1995.  The early systems from 1982-1986 are just too old to do much with.  1987-1991 were still SLOW computers with tiny chips limiting what can be done with the system.  However, these systems were primarily used in the 1987-1995 pickup trucks and so they still work fine for low rpm truck applications.  If your looking to run a motor over 5000 rpms then you really need a different type of injection and the cam choice needs to reflect that rpm max as well or your just asking for a nightmare.

Many still out there with TBI vehicles needing help getting more modern power levels and fuel mileage from older GM throttle body injected vehicles without going to the process of rewiring the vehicle to run a more modern fuel injection system. While TBI has a few crippling limitations it is still possible to pull a little over 1hp per cubic inch from these vehicles but requires a LOT of good planning and implementation to pull that kind of power level off and I am here to help provide that advice as well as support for the computer system to help you get there.

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