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Stage 2 chip.   Stage 2 is for STOCK TBI heads with  no more than 10ci than stock. This chip comes in 6 versions so its more customized than the Stage 1 chip.

Level 3 is still mild at 194 intake duration @ .050 cam like a Summit racing K1101 cam or edelbrock 3702 cam, this is what should have come in those engines from the factory and will run on 87 octane fuel with stock compression ratio.


  1. Aaron Thompson (verified owner)

    89 k1500, 350 tbi 700r4 with a k1101 cam, edlebrock Intake, throttle body mods and some other odds and ends. Truck is my tow pig/daily, I havent had a chance to test towing yet. I’ve been running stock chip for a year or so, finally got around to ordering chip. Glad I did. Gained some low end grunt along with a decent amount of upper end power over my stock tune. Well worth the $225!

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