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Stage 2 chip.   Stage 2 is for STOCK TBI heads with  no more than 360ci.  This chip comes in 6 versions so its more customized than the Stage 1 chip.

you REALLY need  to rebuild motor with  flat top pistons and measure out for about a 9.5-9.8:1 compression ratio and you WILL need a 2000 rpm stall converter in the transmission and geared to run about 2100 rpms @ 70mph using the calculator on this website. Here are the LEVEL 6 CAMSHAFTS.
Elgin E1166P  216/228 duration @ .050 .453/.477 112 LSA
Lunati 20120702 219/227 duration @ .050 .468.489 112 LSA
Comp cams 12-236-3  218/224 dur @ .050 . .462/.477 112LSA
or roller versions are:
comp 08-417-8
comp 08-502-8
GMPP LT4 hot cam
NOTE:  All of these cams either intake or exhaust lifts are over .475″ so not only do valve springs need to be upgraded but the valve guides need machined for clearance so that the valve locks wont hit the valve guides.

I have had more request for this level of camshaft as everyone wants that sound but stock vehicle was geared for a tiny level 1 camshaft as well as the stock stall converter.


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